Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Non-Recycled Plastic Commissioned by RES Polyflow


Re:  Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Non-Recycled Plastic Commissioned

Chagrin Falls, Ohio / December 19, 2016 – Ohio based manufacturer RES Polyflow announced today that it has developed a rapid assessment solution designed to pre-qualify raw materials for the company’s proprietary plastic to fuel energy recovery technology. The Remote Universal Feedstock Utilization System, or RUFUS™, is a mobile diagnostic tool that uses pyrolysis to convert non-recycled plastic to a liquid hydrocarbon for on-the-spot analysis that determines the quality of the raw material for conversion to petroleum products. Using RUFUSTM, non-recycled plastic is now able to be evaluated against graded raw material specifications that support the financial and operational performance goals of a RES Polyflow plastics to fuel facility using this cutting-edge assessment tool. Development of the RUFUSTM system was funded in part by a market development grant awarded to the company by the Ohio EPA in 2015.

When operated, RUFUS™ determines the percentage of hydrocarbon value that is recoverable from non-recycled plastic and then analyzes the liquid to determine if the raw material offered by a supply source is technically and financially viable for conversion at commercial scale rather than discarding as a waste material.  The system can be utilized at the company’s NE Ohio based technical center and in the marketplace at the source of the supply. In addition to evaluating supply sources throughout Ohio and the Midwest, the company is building a collaboration with Trine University in Angola IN and the Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District to identify and pre-qualify localized raw material streams generated across a four-county area.

RES Polyflow is currently in the midst of a capital raise that, when completed, will fully fund the construction and start-up of the first commercial plastics to fuel facility in the United States, located in Ashley Indiana.

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About RES Polyflow

RES Polyflow manufactures and operates commercial scale energy recovery systems that offer a responsible end of life solution for non-recycled waste plastic.  The company’s patented process complements current recycling efforts by converting low value and co-mingled plastic scrap into marketable petroleum blendstocks on a continuous and profitable basis. RES Polyflow is a founding member of the Plastics To Fuel and Petrochemistry Alliance based in Washington DC. To learn more about RES Polyflow’s innovative process, visit www.respolyflow.com.