RES Polyflow Participates In Chicago Based Pilot Project To Assess The Viability of Non-Recycled Plastic Generated By Healthcare Facilities

From the HPRC website: “The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council and Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) facilitated a cooperative, first-of-its-kind regional recycling program in the Chicago area and the results of this innovative pilot are in.

With a few exceptions, plastics used in the healthcare industry are single use materials representing a linear “take-make-dispose” economy. In response to current widespread low recycling rates, HPRC and PLASTICS asked the question: Is it possible to radically increase the amount of clinical healthcare plastics managed as technical materials in a circular “make-use-return” economy?

To answer this question, HPRC and PLASTICS designed and implemented a multi-hospital plastics recycling project in the Chicago market. Focused on non-infectious plastic packaging and products collected from clinical areas of the hospitals, the project sought to demonstrate a viable business model for the recycling of healthcare plastics on a regional basis.”

RES Polyflow participated as a partner in this effort to demonstrate the feasibility of creating new markets for these materials via energy recovery.  The company’s mobile material assessment tool RUFUS™ was deployed in support of the project to provide a technical overview of the co-mingled waste plastic generated by the participating institutions.

Download the full report and learn more about this innovative approach to discovering new value embedded in non-recyclable plastic generated by the healthcare sector here: