Jay Schabel: Chief Executive Officer, MSEE Iowa State University                                                                                     Jay has served as CEO of RES Polyflow since 2008. A serial entrepreneur with four start-ups on his resume, including the growth of one company with no annual revenue to over $350.0M in annual revenue over an eight year period, he brings deep managerial experience from a broad range of industry sectors including manufacturing, chemical and automotive aftermarket.  Jay has led the company through four funding rounds and was instrumental in securing a $1.0M grant from the State of Ohio’s Third Frontier Advanced Energy Program in 2012.  During his tenure with the company, Jay has spearheaded the development effort for the RES Polyflow technology, from pilot and scale-up campaigns to full commercialization.  In addition to his work at RES Polyflow, Jay serves on several boards including ATO Charities, a family run 501(c)3 organization that advises other non-profits on self-sustaining growth strategies.

Mehmet Gencer: Chief Technology Officer, PhD Chemical Engineering Drexel University Dr. Gencer is a seasoned technical manager with expertise in leading industrial processes development efforts and commercialization.  Following a 15 year career at B.F. Goodrich Company where he served in a number of research and development roles including Director of Emerging Technologies in the Advanced Technology Group, Mehmet shifted his focus to start-up world as co-founder and CEO of IMET Corporation, a clean technology company focused on renewing waste water into viable fresh water.  As a consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy on bio-based product technologies, he currently holds seven U.S. patents. Since 2011, Mehmet has served as an advisor and past board member of RES Polyflow’s predecessor company.

Richard A. Schwarz: Technical Advisor, PhD Chemistry Duke University                                                                      Retired polymers professional with long experience in new product development and commercialization at both Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. and PPG Industries Inc.  A research chemist with 25 patents issued as either inventor or co-inventor, Dr. Schwarz has contributed numerous peer-reviewed papers to the polymers industry and presided over topical seminars and plenary sessions. While at PPG Industries, he served as Senior Research Associate in the Silica Products Business Unit during the development and commercialization of Teslin® Synthetic Paper. A former liaison to academia with Ohio Polymer Enterprise Development (OPED), Dr. Schwarz currently serves as the science coordinator at the National Museum of Education based in Akron Ohio. He has served as a technical advisor to RES Polyflow and its predecessor companies for 14 years.

Michael Dungan: Director of Sales and Marketing, BA Communications Youngstown State University                                                                                                                                                                                   Prior to joining the RES Polyflow business team in 2012, Michael served the organization as an advisor and member of the Board of Directors of RES Polyflow’s predecessor companies.  In his role as Director of Sales and Marketing, Michael is responsible for securing raw materials for RES Polyflow facilities, developing licensing opportunities for the RES Polyflow technology and cultivating geographic markets for commercialization in North America. Michael has served in a variety of senior management roles in the NE Ohio non-profit and for-profit sector and co-founded several start-ups including the award winning nationwide community reuse project ZeroLandfill™.  He currently serves as the Chairman of the Plastics-To-Fuel and Petrochemistry Association based in Washington DC.

Chris Mekota: Operations, MBA John Carroll University                                                                                                  Chris is an experienced operations professional with a career built on finance and brand driven wholesale management positions. Prior to joining the RES Polyflow team, Chris served 10 years with the Invisible Fence® Brand in key financial and management roles where he provided due diligence and integration support for several acquisitions in the pet containment industry.  He currently serves on a number of advisory boards in the NE Ohio region in addition to his work with Care For Others, a non-profit organization focused on assisting families in need of financial assistance.   Chris received his BS in Finance from Miami University followed by a Masters in Business Administration from John Carroll University.

Board of Managers

Phillip Ashkettle
As the former Chairman and CEO of M.A. Hanna Co. Mr. Ashkettle oversaw the merger with GEON to form PolyOne Inc.  He has also served as President and CEO of Reichhold Chemicals, Inc. and held several senior management positions with Ashland Chemical.

John Quinn
With a broad range of experience spanning 35 years in the polymers industry, Mr. Quinn now serves in an advisory role to private equity firms. Prior to retirement, John was President and CEO of Excel Polymers and previously held executive leadership positions with PolyOne and GE Plastics.

Bob Powell – Board Chair                                                                                                                                                        Mr. Powell is the CEO and President of Brightmark Energy located in San Francisco CA. He has a customer centered and technology focused career in the renewables, co-generation and energy efficiency industry. Prior to co-founding Brightmark Energy, Mr. Powell served as the CEO of a solar developer, CFO of a large west coast based utility and North American President of a worldwide renewables company.

Zeina El-Azzi
Ms. El-Azzi is the Chief Development Officer of Brightmark Energy.  A co-founder of the company, she leads the development, origination, and acquisition activity for Brightmark Energy in the power generation space. With a long career in the renewable energy industry, Ms. El-Azzi has successfully brought solar, wind and other generation projects to fruition throughout North America and overseas.

Scott Healy
Mr. Healy serves as the CFO of Brightmark Energy.  He has a 25+ year career as an energy executive and has developed over $10 billion of operational clean energy projects in ten countries across four continents. Mr. Healy draws on his investment banking and public accounting experience for financing and acquisitions activity for Brightmark Energy.

Jay Schabel
Mr. Schabel is the CEO of RES Polyflow LLC and serves in senior leadership roles for several affiliated companies.