Plastic To Oil – Smart and Responsible Diversion

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Al Jazeera America recently published a profile of plastic to oil as an emerging energy recovery practice that could boost recycling rates and promote the diversion of polymer based material from local landfills and waterways. Here is an excerpt: Plastic waste makes up 13 percent of all solid waste in the United States. According to figures […]

Plastic To Oil Conversion Facilities Have The Potential To Create $9 Billion Of Economic Activity In The U.S.

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The American Chemistry Council in conjunction with the Plastic To Oil Technologies Alliance commissioned a study on the economic impact of implementing plastic to oil conversion facilities in the U.S. as an alternative to disposal of waste plastic  Among the key findings released in the study, $6.6 billion of annual capital investment and 40,000 direct […]

RES Polyflow Participates in Award Winning Workforce Development Initiative [VIDEO]

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RES Polyflow partners with NorTech 2014 Innovation Award Winner Lorain County Community College in the Speed To Market Acceleration program for workforce development and talent planning services.  LCCC’s Terri Burgess Sandu and RES Polyflow Director of Sales and Marketing Mike Dungan explain the critical need for this program by both regional start-up companies and qualified work-to-hire […]

Plastic To Oil Conversion Is Poised To Go Mainstream [VIDEO]

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See how non-recycled plastics represent a new form of energy for our economy in this on-air interview with ACC Plastics Division Vice President Steve Russell.   

RES Polyflow Receives Ohio EPA Grant

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The Ohio EPA has awarded a Market Development Grant to RES Polyflow to assist with feedstock processing trials for its proprietary energy recovery process.  The state grant is valued at $250,000.00 and requires a full match by the company over two years.  Capital equipment, supplies and associated costs of feedstock preparation and processing are included […]

RES Polyflow profiled in Chemical & Engineering News

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See the article on the emerging Plastic To Oil industry here > C&E News.

RES Polyflow A Charter Member of Plastic to Oil Technologies Alliance

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The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council today announced the formation of the Plastic to Oil Technologies Alliance that will work to enhance public policy in support of technologies that convert non-recycled plastics into petroleum based product.  Akron Ohio based RES Polyflow along with Agylix Corporation (Beaverton, OR) and Cynar Plc (London) are the […]

Relationships Enable Scale-Up Success

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In 2004, Knight Foundation helped form the Fund for Our Economic Future, a collaborative to turn around the hard-hit economy of northeast Ohio. Knight and the Fund recently released a report detailing lessons from the Fund’s first seven years, “Catalyzing Regional Economic Transformation.” As part of its work, the Fund has invested in NorTech, an economic development organization focused on […]

RES Polyflow Is Hiring

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RES Polyflow, LLC Director of Technology Position December 2013 Position Description Join the RES Polyflow team as the Director of Technology. The Director of Technology is responsible for all aspects of the development and execution of the company’s technology advancement & research activities for its patented energy recovery technology.  The successful candidate will be responsible […]

RES Polyflow Concludes Successful Scale-Up Campaign of Continuously Fed Waste Plastic-To-Oil Conversion Technology

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Akron, Ohio / October 2, 2013 – Akron, Ohio based RES Polyflow announced today that the scale-up campaign for the company’s patented energy recovery technology has successfully concluded with results that meet or exceed company expectations.  Supported in part by an Ohio Third Frontier grant, the demonstration campaign conducted throughout the summer of 2013 proved that […]