Flexible Packaging’s Role In Achieving Milestones Set By Wal-Mart’s Project Gigaton

Plastics-To-Fuel technologies such as the solution offered by RES Polyflow can tackle difficult to recycle post-use plastics such as flexible packaging and engineered films.  Learn more about the impact flexibles are having on one of the most sweeping greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives, WalMart’s Project Gigaton: https://www.greenbiz.com/article/packagings-role-walmarts-project-gigaton       

RES Polyflow Q&A on China’s Ban on Plastic Scrap and Other Current Issues

https://resource-recycling.com/plastics/2017/08/09/qa-plastics-fuel-exec-china-ban-sectors-potential/ Resource Recycling Update   August 9, 2017  by Colin Staub RES Polyflow’s Michael Dungan says fluctuating oil prices and developments in Asia will continue to affect pyrolysis companies, but he thinks a bigger issue may be a regulatory landscape that he believes is dated and detrimental to technology adoption. Dungan is director of sales […]

Plastics-To-Fuel Facilities Generate Low Emissions per Recent Report

WASHINGTON (July 25, 2017) – A new report that examined emissions from a family of technologies known as pyrolysis has determined that emissions from these processes are likely to be very low—much lower than the emissions profiles from other industries, such as food processing, auto manufacturing, and even lower than institutional buildings, such as hospitals […]

Plastics News: Research Says Plastics-To-Fuel Technology Reduces Greenhouse Gases

By Jim Johnson, Plastics News Using pyrolysis to convert unrecycled plastics into ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel stacks up favorably to similar fuel made from crude oil, new research shows. The U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory compared the creation of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel created from the plastics-to-fuel process to traditional crude oil. Research […]

Waste Today Magazine: Florida House and Senate Pass Plastics To Fuel Bill

May 5, 2017 The Florida House and Senate passed House Bill (HB) 335—Resource Recovery and Management. The Plastics Division of the Washington-based American Chemistry Council (ACC) welcomed the legislation and issued the following statement by Craig Cookson, senior director of recycling and energy recovery: “The ACC’s Plastics Division welcomes the unanimous passage of HB335—the first-of-its-kind legislation […]

Hefty Energy Bag Program Captures Non-Recycled Plastic For Energy Recovery

RES Polyflow recently participated in an informational program at the annual Earth Day Omaha event in Omaha Nebraska and engaged hundreds of residents participating in the Hefty Energy Bag project that diverts non-recycled plastic to energy recovery facilities.  A number of communities in the greater Omaha area are supporting the Energy Bag program which allows […]

Managing Plastic Without Trashing Our Oceans

Marine Litter Solutions is a consortium of worldwide plastics makers that is committed to working on the problem of ocean litter. The work of this self-organized industry group supports efforts to reduce waste, increase recycling and litter prevention programs, and foster regional and global partnerships. Learn more about this effort through the Joint Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for […]

RES Polyflow Participates In Chicago Based Pilot Project To Assess The Viability of Non-Recycled Plastic Generated By Healthcare Facilities

From the HPRC website: “The Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council and Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS) facilitated a cooperative, first-of-its-kind regional recycling program in the Chicago area and the results of this innovative pilot are in. With a few exceptions, plastics used in the healthcare industry are single use materials representing a linear “take-make-dispose” economy. In response […]

RES Polyflow CEO Statement on Status of Ashley Indiana Project

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The following statement from RES Polyflow CEO Jay Schabel was issued today: “As noted in a news report published by the The Herald Republican on January 4, 2017, due to unstable pricing in the oil market throughout 2016, RES Polyflow is renegotiating the terms of the economic development loan made to the company by Steuben […]

Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Non-Recycled Plastic Commissioned by RES Polyflow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Re:  Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Non-Recycled Plastic Commissioned Chagrin Falls, Ohio / December 19, 2016 – Ohio based manufacturer RES Polyflow announced today that it has developed a rapid assessment solution designed to pre-qualify raw materials for the company’s proprietary plastic to fuel energy recovery technology. The Remote Universal Feedstock Utilization […]