State And Local Officials Applaud Selection Of Ashley Indiana For RES Polyflow Production Facility

ASHLEY, Ind. (Dec. 22, 2015) – RES Polyflow, a renewable energy solutions company, announced plans to locate its new Midwest production hub here, creating up to 136 new jobs by 2019. “With the highest concentration of manufacturing jobs in the nation, Indiana is a leader in advanced manufacturing,” said Governor Mike Pence. “That’s attracting innovative […]

RES Polyflow Selects Ashley, IN As Site For Midwest Production Facility

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Re:   RES Polyflow Selects Ashley, Indiana For Regional Production Facility Perry, Ohio / December 22, 2015 – Ohio based manufacturer RES Polyflow announced today that Ashley Indiana has been selected as the location for its Midwest production facility.  Groundbreaking will take place in the second quarter of 2016.  Once operational, phase one […]

Plastics-to-Fuel & Petrochemistry Alliance Broadens Reach With New Name, Adds New Member

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Formerly known as the Plastics-to-Oil Technologies Alliance, the PFPA recently modified its name to reflect the wide range of versatile technologies and products offered by its membership. These include liquid fuels such as diesel and naphtha, crude oil for conversion to fuels or chemicals, and waxes, lubricants and other valuable products.  Learn more about the […]

Plastics to Fuel: The Next Green Machine

Why do plastics have an intrinsic value as a fuel source? Plastics are created primarily from energy feedstocks, typically natural gas or oil (mostly natural gas in the United States). The hydrocarbons that make up plastics are embodied in the material itself, essentially making plastics a form of stored energy, which can be turned into […]

Tapping the Potential of Plastics to Fuel

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In this op-ed published by Renewable Energy From Waste Magazine, RES Polyflow Director of Sales and Marketing Michael Dungan makes the case for modernizing current state and local waste regulations to accelerate the proliferation of plastics to fuel technologies in the U.S.

New Members Appointed to RES Polyflow Board of Managers

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Re:   New Members Appointed to RES Polyflow Board of Managers  Perry, Ohio / July 6, 2015 – Ohio based manufacturer RES Polyflow announced the appointment of two new members to the company’s Board of Managers effective June 16, 2015. Michael Erler joins the RES Polyflow Board of Managers on behalf of the […]

Global Forum Tackles End of Life Strategies for Waste Plastic

The fourth annual Plasticity Forum took place in Cascais, Portugal, June 7-9, 2015, with the global event bringing together more than 80 business and industry officials, sustainability experts, plastic producers and users, innovators, government representatives and other thought leaders to discuss innovative solutions to the growing plastic problem facing our land and marine environments.  Plastics-To-Fuels was […]

Plastics to Fuel: Creating Energy from Nonrecycled Plastic (video)

A new video produced by the American Chemistry Council’s Plastics-to-Oil Technologies Alliance shows how companies are transforming used, nonrecycled plastics into oil, fuels, and petroleum-based products. These plastics-to-fuel technologies which complement ongoing recycling efforts, are being embraced as a way to recover clean energy from plastics that cannot be economically recycled.

Plastics To Fuel – Innovative Manufacturing

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Updating state and local permitting statutes to recognize plastic to fuel production facilities as manufacturing sites (versus solid waste disposal or waste processing) is an important step to growing this new market segment in the U.S. Learn more about the unique aspects of plastic to fuel conversion and how state and local regulators can lower barriers […]

Plastics to Oil Positioned to Complement Current Recycling Efforts

At the recently concluded Plastics Recycling Conference held in Dallas Texas a panel of representatives from the Plastics To Oil Technologies Alliance discussed the benefits of plastic to oil as a complement to existing recycling systems.  See full coverage of the discussion by Plastics News.