© RES Polyflow CondensorRES Polyflow’s patented energy recovery technology thermally deconstructs hydrocarbon based materials such as end of life plastic and rubber and converts it into new molecular structures that can be marketed as transportation fuels as well as feedstocks for new polymer production.  The process works in a low temperature environment at atmospheric pressure and does not require a catalyst.  A continuous feed material conveyance system allows for stable and predictable production cycles. End-product process equipment consists of various distillation and treatment stages that separate the liquid output into a variety of market ready fuel and aromatic components.

RES Polyflow is commercializing the technology in the United States and abroad by:

  • selling licensed equipment designed to meet an end-user’s specification
  • partnering in the development or retrofit of recycling facilities to implement RES Polyflow’s technology

To learn more about acquiring RES Polyflow’s licensed technology or developing an energy recovery facility based on our solution, contact sales@respolyflow.com.