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At the core of the RES Polyflow technology is a process vessel with the ability to handle up to 60 tons per day of mixed polymer waste streams that other recycling systems typically have to discard in landfills. By taking in as a lightly sorted and unwashed polymer stream, we make preparation of materials less labor and capital intensive for operators of RES Polyflow equipment.  Reduced handling equals higher profitability. For higher volume feedstreams, multiple RES Polyflow process vessels can be installed in parallel with shared feed-in and product removal sub-systems.

The finished product generated by the RES Polyflow process is a light, sweet liquid that is highly marketable to a variety of industries.  Known as pygas, this stream is equivalent in quality and consistency to benchmark crude oil and can be tailored to the specific requirement of an off-take customer.  Diesel fuel, octane enhancers and gasoline blendstocks are just several of the cuts that can be yielded from our end-product.  Additional refining equipment can be installed to further extract valuable aromatics from the finished product which in turn can be marketed to a broad audience of petrochemical blenders and manufacturers.

By-products of the production process, namely inert char and a light non-condensable off gas can be safely disposed of or used as a source of fuel for the production vessel itself.  Alloys from tire wire, e-waste and other consumer products remain intact due to the low temperature process conditions and can be recovered for recycling as scrap metal.