The RES Polyflow process is robust and is designed to handle the types and percentages of polymers present in the modern day waste stream as reported by the EPA. We specialize in recycling the hard to handle categories of plastic waste, ranging from tires and carpet to items marked with resin code #1 – #7. The ability to accept a mixed stream of materials eliminates the need for repeated sorting.  Additionally, the RES Polyflow process is optimized for recycling very common but complex materials such as partially filled ink and toner cartridges, contractor buckets with dried paint residue, layered packaging film and automotive shredder residue.

Do you have a difficult to recycle polymer or rubber material stream?  Send your contact information and a brief description of your material stream to for analysis.  Implementing the RES Polyflow technology to convert these items to marketable energy products can turn a cost center into a profit center.