‘A more attractive technology right now is pyrolysis…’ ~National Geographic

What is to be done with the swelling flood of plastic waste, if we don’t want to see it snagged in tree branches, floating in ocean gyres, or clogging the stomachs of seabirds and whales? Plastic production is expected to double in the next 20 years, according to a report issued by the World Economic Forum. Plastic recycling […]

Plastics Industry Invests In Solutions To Combat Plastic Waste Entering The Environment

Newly formed Alliance To End Plastic Waste brings together plastics industry stakeholders to provide infrastructure investment around the globe. Link >>> https://endplasticwaste.org/

Converting Oceanbound Plastics to Hydrocarbon Fuels

RES Polyflow recently penned a guest blog on remediating plastic based marine debris for our engineering partner R.C. Costello and Assoc, Inc. Cleaning up our waterways and oceans of plastic waste is a global challenge in search of a solution.  RES Polyflow is committed to commercializing our proprietary Plastics-To-Fuel conversion technology worldwide to support the […]

RES Polyflow Q&A on China’s Ban on Plastic Scrap and Other Current Issues

https://resource-recycling.com/plastics/2017/08/09/qa-plastics-fuel-exec-china-ban-sectors-potential/ Resource Recycling Update   August 9, 2017  by Colin Staub RES Polyflow’s Michael Dungan says fluctuating oil prices and developments in Asia will continue to affect pyrolysis companies, but he thinks a bigger issue may be a regulatory landscape that he believes is dated and detrimental to technology adoption. Dungan is director of sales […]

Managing Plastic Without Trashing Our Oceans

Marine Litter Solutions is a consortium of worldwide plastics makers that is committed to working on the problem of ocean litter. The work of this self-organized industry group supports efforts to reduce waste, increase recycling and litter prevention programs, and foster regional and global partnerships. Learn more about this effort through the Joint Declaration of the Global Plastics Associations for […]

Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Non-Recycled Plastic Commissioned by RES Polyflow

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Re:  Rapid Diagnostic Tool for Evaluating Non-Recycled Plastic Commissioned Chagrin Falls, Ohio / December 19, 2016 – Ohio based manufacturer RES Polyflow announced today that it has developed a rapid assessment solution designed to pre-qualify raw materials for the company’s proprietary plastic to fuel energy recovery technology. The Remote Universal Feedstock Utilization […]